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Welcome to the travel community:- For us the essence/aim of travel is to experience the culture of the place you are visiting. The best way to achieve this is by meeting the local people! So whether you're a traveller or a local, then you've come to the right place - Explore the world today!
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Have instant friends when you arrive. FAQ's Build global friendships. more info...
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Adventures- Photo Gallery
Meeting the locals Member's hosted around the world
Yumi meets Xavier in Paris (France) :: Lynn meets Nicolas in Paris, France.
:: Guy meets Cristian in Los Andes, Chile.
:: Damian meets Teeti in Bangkok, Thailand.
:: Maggie meets Nomad in Sydney, Australia.
:: Seb meets Supa in New York, USA.
:: Shimizu meets Jen in Taipei, Taiwan.
:: Skywalker meets Xavier in London, UK.

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Around URplanet NEWS
Member News- Saturday 01 Jan 2005
:: The MeetURplanet Team wishes all members an exciting 2005.

World News-
:: Tue 03 May (Poland)- Today is the National Holiday of Poland (Constitution Day - 1791).
:: Sat 30 Apr (Netherlands)- Today is the National Holiday of The Netherlands (Queen's Day).
:: Wed 27 Apr (South Africa)- Today is the National Holiday of South Africa (Freedom Day - 1994).

Adventures- Travel Tales
:: Swaziland- Hiking in Swaziland. "There is a good chance of meeting a prince in Swaziland as the old king had nearly 400 wives!" by Malik.

Central & South America
:: Ecuador - Maryana and her beautiful Quito. "It was an International hotel where I went. Maryana a name which I can never forget all of my life, was the receptionist at Hotel International." by Iftikhar.

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Adventures- meetURplanet Tours
Great meetURplanet Experiences Member Testimonial's
In Kyoto - Japan (Jeffs World Tour) Time for fun- Mino (Marty in Japan) Jen in Australia: I used the site to travel down the East Coast of Australia from Brisbane to Sydney in May 2003. I had a fantastic time meeting several members! While I saved some money, more importantly I gained experiences that will last a lifetime.

Marty in Japan: I recently travelled around Japan, Malaysia and Singapore using the site for the first time. It was my maiden overseas trip and I couldn't believe the hospitality of local members I met! Now I'm busy teaching English, (eikaiwa).

:: Damo in Australia
:: Jeff in Hong Kong
:: Jeff's World Tour

Travel Toolbox- Links to help your trip
:: Maps- Where did you say you live?
:: Weather- Is it hot for my Spain trip?
:: Timezones- Find the time anywhere.
:: Currencies- Can I shop till I drop?
:: Country Facts- How big is Australia?
:: Travel Warnings- View before you depart.
:: Passports & Visa's- Will I need one?
:: Telephone Codes- Call your host now.

Trinidad Carnival - Feb 06

Trinidad Carnival Feb 2006 : Book now for holiday specials!
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Bashi - Nigeria

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